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Below is a selection of my published articles and papers. To read please scroll down and click on the titles:

Just prove it: lay witness statements and admissibility in civil cases”. A paper presented at a Legalwise “Evidence and Advocacy Masterclass” webinar on 2 June 2022 (PDF)

“The Supreme Court’s Bathurst judgment: mine (or minefield?) of guidance on contract construction. A paper presented at an Auckland District Law Society webinar on Monday 13 September 2021(PDF)

“Jumping off the page: the use of extrinsic material in the interpretation of contracts and statutes”, a revised version of a paper presented at an Auckland District Law Society Seminar on 24 February 2021.(PDF)

A virtual Q&A session, held on 2 February 2021 by the New Zealand Law Society, on the landmark case of New Zealand Animal Law Association v Attorney-General [2020] NZHC 2376

“Disclose or withhold?”, Trusts and Estates Law & Tax Journal (UK), June 2017 (PDF)

“Witness statements in civil cases – show me the evidence”, paper, Litigation Masterclass seminar, Auckland, 25 November 2015 (PDF)

“Beyond Charlotte’s Web – the blight of factory farming. An argument for reform”, presentation, AWLA seminar, Auckland, 5 March 2015 (PDF)

“Advocacy challenges in the 21st century: online technology and the courts – brave new world?”, presentation, World Bar Conference, Queenstown, September 2014 (PDF)

“Be your own advocate”, paper, CWLA and New Zealand Bar Association 2014 Christchurch Professional Women’s Conference, September 2014 (PDF)

“The ‘Erebus ground’ of natural justice. The duty to warn of the risk of adverse findings” [2014] NZLJ 29 (PDF)

May 2014, New Zealand Bar Association Seminar paper on written persuasion, “Crafting readable written submissions” (PDF)

“Oral argument in civil cases” [2013] NZLJ 29 (PDF)

October 2013, Submission to Select Committee on Animal Welfare
Amendment Bill (PDF)

September 2013, Speech at the Auckland dinner for the new silks hosted by the New Zealand Bar Association (PDF)

“Discovery of ‘inaccessible’ e-documents” [2012] NZLJ 63 (PDF)

“The proposal for prepayment and forfeiture of High Court civil hearing fees – will this shut the courtroom door on some litigants?”
NZ Lawyer, 14 December 2012, 18 (PDF)

September 2012, New Zealand Bar Association and Auckland Women Lawyers’ Association Seminar paper, “Don’t just sit there” (PDF)

May 2012, New Zealand Bar Association Seminar paper on effective oral advocacy, “Oral argument in civil cases — don’t write it off” (PDF)

September 2011, paper presented at New Zealand Bar Association Annual Conference on electronic discovery and the proposed new High Court Rules (PDF)

“Discovery” [2004] NZLJ 130 (PDF)

“Judicial Review, Competitors and the Court’s Discretion to Withhold a Remedy” [1995] New Zealand Law Review 192 (PDF)

September 2005, New Zealand Law Society conference paper “Obtaining pre-trial information”

September 2003, LexisNexis conference paper on discovery


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